Software intended for real-estate agencies. It enables creation and overseeing of detailed real-estate database. The application enables easy data transfer from database to a web site, as well as searching and browsing of public data by site visitors. It has a very intuitive interface for administrators, as well as for clients.

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dotnet 1.1 sql server


Software for control and administration specialized for milk industry and production. It was created to meet the needs of small and medium dairy companies regarding milk market transactions, bonus calculations etc… It enables the user to create a suppliers database and data overview of all relevant information regarding the dairy business. It is entirely adapted to the local market and laws. The software is flexible, easy for use, and has multilingual support.

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delphi mysql


Universal software intended for a company regardless of its expertise. It is used mainly as a product catalogue and database, customer and suppliers tracking, product traffic, warehouse state overview, calculations and financial overviews etc…

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delphi mysql