4Meeting is a web solution for easy and efficient event management. It can be used as a support for anyone who does the event organization of any kind. It facilitates the organization process and all the accompanying resources: spaces, equipment and services. The software enables access to regularly updated and correct event information, clear and simple task definitions and responsibilities, expanses control and automatic work process. Using the 4Meeting solution gives you more time and energy, less worries and expanses and greater work satisfaction.

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Cultural Digital Archive

Cultural Digital Archive (CDA) is a web application for cataloguing cultural assets. It allows description of cultural assets in accordance with CCO standard, as well as searching and browsing the existing entries. It also offers the possibility of archiving digital documents (text, image, video). The application has multiple languages installed.

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Message-On.net is a process automation and user reporting platform. It consists of two main parts: Scheduler and Gateway. Scheduler application follows the task list, validates and executes them based on entered parameters. It is completely independent and offers the possibility of working with multiple databases simultaneously, communication with the system via XML commands etc. Gateway application sends the according reports to the users. It also controls communication channels and serves as a mediator between different client applications and Scheduler. The user can choose to receive reports via SMS, email or any other existing way.

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Web FundVoIP Vlakno

Vlakno Suite is a communication application that is used as a business telephone system. It is a software solution that enables integration of telephone system into existing software systems, whether it is web, or desktop application. With Vlakno web service, it is possible to install many new functions into existing applications.

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Qualibus is a software tool for business process management, developed during the 2004-2008 for the Italian NordEst Systems company, which enables safe and efficient corporative information management, fast and clean documents archive, control of expanses, resources optimization (infrastructure, machines, equipment), human resources management and internal communication.

Qualibus enhances defining tasks and responsibilities, facilitates the overview and analysis of processes as well as decision making process based on objective data. The software enhances the operative efficiency and develops business strategies of constant performance upgrading (better product and services quality, profitability…)

Over 100 clients from various business sectors in Italy, use Qualibus. The sectors include: industry, services, public sector, healthcare etc…

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